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Type Of Screen Printing Machine.

May 14, 2018

Screen printing screen printing and circular screen printing two kinds.

Flat screen printing

The screen printing is originally a manual scratch, on a certain length of platform covered with blankets and covered with waterproof tape to make it easy to wash and stain. The longitudinal two sides of the platform are equipped with guide rails, and there are adjustable flower positioning devices. When printing, click the location distance to put down the screen to scratch, the color printing product is by the multi-screen frame according to the flower shape and the process characteristics, according to a certain order to scratch the overlap in order (see color map). Bedplate is equipped with steam heat sink under or over the counter is equipped with infrared drying equipment, make the fabric can be dry after blowing seal, when a variety of printing ink overprint, can keep the pattern silhouette is bright and clean, prevent bleeding. The printing scraper is made of rubber, and the Angle, pressure and the number of squeegee are determined according to the technical requirements. This printing method is characterized by the size of the flower, the number of colors and the type of fabric, the printing color is rich and colorful, the pattern is fine, often used in the high grade textile. Manual scratch printing labor intensity is high and requires skilled operation technology, so there is a fully automatic mechanical scratch printing technology. Fully automatic flat screen printing machine usually has two types, one is a dynamic type, fabric paste in long bedplate surface, with a screen of train operation in orbit, automatic screen box on the cloth positioning and lifting movement, control of the scraper scrape printing number, ensure the accuracy of the printing. Is another kind of fabric, the fabric paste on the seamless ring rubber blanket, according to the size of printing screen frame make equidistance intermittent movement, and makes the cloth on the flat line of the screen down or up at the same time, for printing. This kind of machine has a high production efficiency and small footprint. Cloth moving-flat screen printing machine generally can print 8 ~ 20 kinds of color, the pattern size can be adjusted, flexibility is bigger. However, the printing effect on overprint or overprint is influenced by the wet condition after the printing.

Rotary screen printing

It is a method of printing with a seamless cylinder screen, which began in the 1960s and developed rapidly, becoming a new printing method of fabric. Circular screen printing is characterized by the continuous rotation of the circular network, which maintains the style of screen printing and improves the efficiency of printing production. The key part of the rotary screen printing is the seamless nickel net, or nickel mesh, which is made of electroforming, and the mesh is hexagonal. Used for fabric printing of nickel net, generally circular 640 mm, the number is 60 ~ 185. The printed line or fine pattern needs a higher number of items to ensure the neatness and clarity of the contour. In addition, it can also use the synthetic fiber seamless circular network, the inner lining has the metal frame mesh support, can improve the printing effect of fine decorative pattern. The printing pattern of the nickel net is made of photosensitive method. Nickel net by cleaning, use glue machine evenly coated photosensitive glue line, in a dark room after drying, use the trace sample film base in exposure exposure machine, wash again not photosensitive part respectively, forming a mesh pattern, and then the thermal curing curing rubber, the abrasive resistance. When printing, the color slurry is fed through the scraper tube inside the nickel net through the automatic feeding machine, which is adjusted by the liquid level controller to keep the color paste constant in the printing process. The scraper is made of a flexible stainless steel sheet that can adjust the height and front and back positions, controlling the amount of slurry and the degree of printing. Rotary screen printing machine mainly consists of seamless ring rubber blanket, round net frame and liner roll. When printing, pad roll up lift the rubber blanket, keep the rubber blanket between the cylinder and the gap and the thickness of the fabric is quite, fabric from feeding device to enter and paste on the rubber blanket and cylinder synchronization operation. The opposite flower adjusting device on the frame of the round net can adjust the relative position of each round net to meet the requirements of the flowers. Circular screen printing machine can print 6 ~ 20 kinds of colour commonly, besides horizontal arrangement, still have vertical, radial type and double-sided printing and so on pattern.