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UV Drying Equipment Related To The Industry

Nov 10, 2015

1. In the electronics, optical fiber, LCD, silk screen, packaging industry and many other fields have been widely used. such as:

Screen printing, in the packaging carton offset printing, nameplate, desk calendar and other UV ink curing, all kinds of cards, calendars nameplate UV curing, large sheets of UV varnish drying equipment;

2. Small electronic plastic hardware parts UV adhesive or UV ink curing, electronic, precision parts, magnetic head, magnetic material optical film, liquid crystal display, micro-motor UV-curable glue curing, liquid crystal display glass edge drying machinery and equipment;

3. double-sided surface or double printing UV curing equipment, drying machinery and equipment (printed circuit boards, etc.);

4. Strip printing drying machinery equipment UV Curing equipment (trademark printing press or other type of production line) connection modification, continuous UV curing, efficiency multiplier;

5. Plastic keys, metal signs, PE plastic shell UV oil, UV adhesive drying and curing, ceramic capacitor production line, small electronic components of the marking curing special equipment;

6. Drying machine Equipment Portable UV curing experimental equipment, on-site experiments, a small number of production, on-site repair, desktop curing test and small batches of UV-curable experimental equipment.