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What Are The Main Components Of The Screen Printing Machine?

Jun 02, 2018

1. Power and transmission device of silk screen printing machine.

1. Motor. Generally, the screen printing machine adopts 4-stage ac motor, the voltage is 380v or 220V(220V is convenient and widely used), the power depends on the machine, the large equipment can be driven by two or three motors respectively.

2. Air pump. Pneumatic screen printing machines generally require more than 6kgf/ CMZ air sources. The pressure of air pump is positive or negative.

3. Hydraulic pump. The power source of the hydraulic screen printing machine is the hydraulic pump.

4. Electromagnetic clutch. The electromagnetic clutch on the screen printing machine is integrated with the motor, there are also monomer installation. Its function is that the variable motor starts frequently for constant rotation, making the actuator move sensitively, avoiding the influence of motor inertia.

5. Reducer. Worm gear reducer is generally adopted. Its transmission is large and compact in size. It is used to transfer power, decelerate, adjust the direction of input and output shafts and installation orientation. Belt deceleration can also be used, but it must not affect the whole machine phase relationship before worm gear reducer.

6. Speed regulating mechanism. There are two types of speed-regulating mechanisms: stepless and stepless.

2. Screen printing machine printing plate device.

The flat screen is simple, composed of frame and screen. The screen printing plate must be fixed on the printing plate device in the screen printing machine.

The open-off screen printing machine generally adopts hinged structure, and the lifting plate device can adopt mechanical type (such as CAM, crank link, spring, weight balance, etc.) or pneumatic liquid type and supplemented by weight distribution block.

The horizontal lifting and landing device must ensure that the net frame is parallel to the bearing platform, which can be realized by rotating or moving the parallel connecting rod mechanism or by pneumatic synchronous lifting.

1. Plate holder. The clamping is required to be firm and not break the net frame at the clamping point. There are many kinds of clamping methods, but it is widely used to clamp the groove body and the screw press foot.

2. Plate take-off and landing mechanism. Lift off the screen printing plate of the screen printing machine, generally using CAM mechanism, minus the additional swing bar mechanism; Horizontal lift - up type screen printing plate, generally adopt cylinder guide column structure or CAM guide column structure. When the printing plate falls into the working position again after each printing operation, its relative position with the platform shall remain unchanged. Therefore, the axial and radial clearance of hinge pivot must be strictly controlled, generally no more than 0.05mm: the radial clearance of horizontal lifting guide column is generally no more than 0.03mm.

3. Lifting net compensation mechanism. In order to avoid the adverse effect that the off-grid Angle decreases with the increasing of the stroke of the scraping board, a compensation mechanism can be added on the high-precision screen printing machine, generally in two forms:

A. The CAM drives a swing rod to enlarge a slider to execute, gradually lifting the front end of the frame with the printing stroke.

B. Net frame front tension spring, at the same time scraping board cant gear with roller pressure in net box, printed itinerary at the beginning, net frame, roller pressure tension spring elongation, so that the net edition parallel to work platform, with printing stroke increase gradually, gradually will screen tension spring front end, achieve the goal of compensation from the nets Angle.

Printing device of silk screen printer.

Scraping ink is the main action of silk-screen printing. The height of the scraping board and the scraping pressure can be adjusted. In addition, the tilt Angle of the scraping board can also be adjusted to ensure that it has the best Angle with the screen, usually 65. ~ 85. Backwash is the process of returning ink to the beginning after a scratch and evenly applying a layer of ink to the screen printing plate for re-printing.

The scraping system and the ink return system are usually installed on the sliding frame of the scraping board. In the reciprocating movement, the scraping board and the ink return board are made to rise and fall alternately. In general plane semi-automatic machine, mechanical commutation is adopted, and pneumatic control is adopted in precision semi-automatic plane machine.

The transmission of printing device is mainly through belt, gear, worm gear reducer and stepless speed control system, also adopt needle wheel, CAM crank mechanism, parallel four-link mechanism or chain mechanism. The former is simple in structure and convenient in operation, but the movement is not uniform enough. The latter drives smoothly, but the structure is more complex. The control system includes electromechanical control and gas-liquid electric control.

4. Supporting device of silk screen printing machine.

The supporting device is the printing platform, which is used to fix the substrate. The printing platform should have high flatness, which can guarantee the duplicating precision of overprinter. Platform should have calendar printing positioning device, for different thickness to meet the demand of the substrates and maintain the network version of distance, the height of the platform should be # can be adjusted to be convenient for version, printing platform in a horizontal direction should be adjustable.

A typical semi-automatic screen printing machine, its printing platforms are equipped with vacuum adsorption facilities, for fixing impermeable sheet substrate such as paper, plastic film, etc.

5. Screen printing machine version - checking mechanism.

The opposite mechanism generally has light on the plate, mechanical version, electronic version. The plate-checking mechanism can be placed in the supporting device or in the plate printing device, but generally the semi-automaton is placed in the supporting device.

The position of the platform is moved when facing the plate, which is generally realized by rotating the mechanical thread, and there should be reliable locking device and shifting guide (swallow tail groove or guide key, etc.).

Vi. Drying device of silk screen printing machine.

Because the ink layer of silk printing is very thick, the drying problem of ink is more prominent than the general printing method. The monochrome screen printing machine is usually not equipped with a drying system. The workpieces are dried after printing or dried with a drying box, while the automatic line or multi-color screen printing machine must be equipped with a drying device.

The setting of the drying system usually matches the ink used. For example, the WPB852A semi-automatic plane five color screen printing machine adopts far infrared electric heat pipe hot air drying. Uv curing ink (uv ink), uv curing drying device has been applied in practice.

Electrical control device of silk screen printing machine.