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What Is Semi-automatic Flat Screen Printing Machine Accessories

Jun 15, 2018

This machine is widely used in different fields purpose of printing, such as label, paper, sticker, PCB advertising business,  is specially designed for printing on surface of flat products like paper, glass, CD, nameplate, sticker, credit card, ceramic decal, PVC, PCB, and membrane switch in electronic industry .It is also applicable to print on golden and silver cardboard, metal sheet, and other products which have high requirement in printing.

User can also add an automatic robot suction type pick-up and unloading system to be connected with this printing machine as a complete automatic production line.


This machine has the characteristics of fast printing speed and high precision, which is suitable for the printing requirements of various fabrics. In addition, it can be equipped with an efficient tension dryer to meet the requirements of various printing processes. The quality of the product is comparable to that of the imported product, and the price is very affordable. At present, we have a complete set of machine equipment drawings.