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What Is The Difference Between A Four-color Printing Press And A Six-color Printing Press On All Sides?

May 17, 2018

The four-color printing press refers specifically to a printing machine that uses the four printing inks of black, medium blue, brown, and green to realize map copying.

Four-color printing:

Colors are printed using subtractive primary colors (yellow, magenta, cyan) and black. If the yellow, magenta, cyan, and black inks are used for the printing process of copying the color of the original ink other than the four-color ink, it should not be called "four-color printing" but should be called "spot color printing" or "spot color. print".

A lithographic method for realizing full-color reproduction by subtractive mixing principle using the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue and black colorants (inks or dyes).

It also specifically refers to the use of black, blue, brown, green four inks, to achieve map copy lithography method, it is China's large-scale topographic map often used printing methods, and a unified color standard. The color of each element shall be defined as: ground features, figure outlines, and annotations shall be black; waterside lines, single-line rivers and their annotations shall be blue, and the dyeing part of the water department shall be 100 lines/inch 15% medium blue dot. Contour lines and special geomorphological symbols and their annotations, brown color for general road interiors, and 100 lines/inch green screens or outlets for forests.

Six-color printing presses can add two spot colors in addition to four colors. Four-color printing presses cannot add spot colors, such as gold or silver.

Printing press classification

     By type of printing plate

     1. Letterpress printing machine: relief printing press

     A machine that uses relief printing to complete the printing process. Such as business card machine (resin version), type printing, zinc letterpress, set number, etc.

     2. Lithographic printing machine: planographic press

     A machine that uses lithography to complete the printing process. Such as multi-color machine, four-color machine, two-color machine, monochrome machine, fast printing machine.

     3, gravure printing machine: intaglio printing press

     A machine that uses gravure to complete the printing process. Such as instant noodles glass bag printing, biscuits, aluminum foil bag packaging.

     4, screen printing machine: screen-process printing press

     A machine that uses a silk screen plate to complete the printing process. Stencil printing: such as screen printing, circuit board printing, cloth printing, can printing, nameplate printing, local glazing, etc.

     Classified by paper type

     1. Sheet-fed printing machine: sheet-fed printing press

     Use a sheet-fed press.

     2, web printing press: roll-fed printing press

     Web using a printing press.

     Press printing structure classification

     1. Flat presses: platen press

     Printing plate support and embossed body are flat printing machine`

     2. Circular Press Flat Press (Platform Press): flat-bed cylinder press

     The printing plate support is flat and the embossed body is a cylinder-shaped printing press.

     3, stop rotary printing press: stop-cylinder press

     The printing plate cooperates to reciprocate, and when the advancing, the impression cylinder rotates one revolution, when returning, the impression cylinder stops rotating, completing the printing machine of a printing process.

     4, a rotary printing press: single-revolution printing press

     Each time the plate table is reciprocated, the impression cylinder rotates one revolution to complete a printing process.

     5. Two-revolution printing press: two-revolution printing press

     Plate printing machine that reciprocates once to complete a printing process

     6, reciprocating printing press: reversible printing press

     Each time the impression cylinder rotates back and forth, a printing press is completed.

     7. Circular presses: rotary printing press

     The printing plate support body and the transfer body are all cylinder-shaped printing machines that perform a full rotation movement during the printing process.

     Sort by number of print colors and faces

     1. Monochrome printing machine: single-colour printing press

     In a printing process, two ink-color printing machines are printed on one side of the paper.

     2. Two-color printing press: two-colour printing press

     In a printing process, two or more ink printing machines are printed on one side of the paper.

     3, multi-color printing press: multi-colour printing press

     In a printing process, two or more ink printing machines are printed on one side of the paper.

     4, double-sided monochrome printing press: perfecting press

     A printing press that prints on both sides of the paper.

     5, double-sided multicolor printing press: multi-colour perfecting press

     In a printing process, paper is printed on at least one side with two or more ink-colored double-sided printing presses.