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What Is Ultraviolet Curing Paint

Jun 15, 2018

UV lacquer is Ultraviolet Curing Paint, namely the uv-curable Paint, also known as optical coatings, uv-curable coatings. Unlike PU, PE, NC and other paints, UV paint is named after the curing way of paint. It is through the machine equipment, automatic roller besmear, curtain coating to the panel furniture, in the uv wavelength (320-390 nm) of shot prompted the initiator decomposition, produce free radicals, resin reaction, instantaneous curing film.



Another explanation uv-curable coatings curing UV paint coating) referred to as "UV paint, and PU, PE, NC QiYiCheng membrane material, UV) shot can quickly in a few seconds, curing film coating.



The UV paint is different from the ordinary furniture enterprise commonly used PU paint, PE paint and NC lacquer, is truly green paint, do not contain any volatile matter, using UV paint products to green, health, environmental protection.



1. In the manufacturing process, the harmful substances in the plate are decomposed, and the product is more healthy and environment-friendly through ultraviolet ray curing machine drying treatment.



2. UV paint film is three-dimensional frame, with high hardness, good abrasion resistance, good transparency, scratch resistance and friction resistance, which can stand the test of time.



3. The mechanized equipment overcomes the man-made factors in the manual operation, making the product color difference smaller and the quality stable.



UV paint is widely used in furniture paint, the main features are: through strong UV light curing treatment, stable color, old and new, effective to solve the problem of door plate fading and color difference; The mirror of the door panel has a good flatness effect, and the paint film is full without orange peel. It is one of the environmentally friendly and healthy painted door panels in the world. The hardness of door plate is twice that of other paint door plate, resistant to scratch, acid and alkali, not easy to deform.