Fully Automatic Chain Type UV Coat Paint Spray Production Line Machine for Bottle Vase and Vial

Product Details

Fully automatic chain type UV coat paint spray production line machine for bottle vase and vial

This automatic chain type varnish coating machine is special for painting bottle, vase, vial and other products. Machine enjoys outstanding performance on coating technic. The recycling system and exhaust gas purifying system lead to low pollution about environment. Our production line is well applied for spraying multicolor on different shapes of bottle. We desire to receive enquiry from you with product sample, we will come back to you with best solution.
Products to apply: polypropylene bottles, glass bottles, wine bottle, vial, pill containers, medicine bottle, vase etc.
Coating color: tin, gold, silver, blue, black, red, green, brown, purple, rose and so on.

1.Electrostatic type, object on the line keeps rotating so as to be painted easily.
2.With a tank for purifying waste coating materials.
3.With a system for purifying and filtering exhaust gas.
4.Environmental protection standard.
5.Coating materials are reclaimable to reuse.








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