Automatic Screen Printing Machine For Pen And Pencil

This StaySign Automatic Printing machine is professionally used for printing on pen, pencil, tube and so on.It can be fully automatic equipment if add an automatic feeding device so that user can own a higher efficiency

Product Details

This screen printing machine can be used to print on products like pen, pencil, tube and other cylindrical shape of items. We can design and build a machine with not only one color but also various colors.After every printing there is a curing system to dry so that can do the second color immediately.

1.Speed range of printing: 40-55pcs/min (it depends how many colors you will print)

2.Automatic feeding and uploading system with robot hand.

3.Drying system settled

4.Automatic unloading system.

5.CE Marking supported.

For more details please watch below attached video.