Three Colors Screen Printing Machine For Bottles

Three (3) colors screen printing machinery with 3 printing stations and UV curing system to print on glass bottle and other different material of round product. This machine is special for bottle which have no multi color registration point on its bottom.

Product Details

SAP-104 Three Colors Screen Printing Machine For Bottles


This three colors screen printing machine is specailly used for glass bottles, plastic bottles and other cylindrical shape of product, like jars, cups, mugs etc. We have been paying efforts on this equipment, we have our own patent for this machine. is our patent machine. A special technique by us to figure out "no color registration point" problem while working for multicolor printing. An important technique is to print with heated high temperature glass ink, and then curied by high temperature oven so as to merge glass with ink to own a firm image on its body. The printed logo is stable but also can be washed in a professional way and used repeatedly. No pollution.

Products to print: wine bottle, beverage bottle, glass cup, beer bottle etc.



Printed samples